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Welcome to my Portfolio

I am Mohammed Anwar

I decided to open my own industrial design consultancy in 2015 as a new and innovative alternative to what was available.


Since then, ANVAR DESIGNS has grown to be the everyone knows and respects. I offer a wide range of services for the various stages of the creative design process. Whether my clients are looking for ideas, conceptual illustrations, or the total design package, I adapt to their needs.

An industrial design consultant based in Delhi (India). A passionate designer able to work  from design concept development to prototypes, Experience of working in design studios and export houses has given varied  skills and the ability to work with many different people.  A conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to details, Flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others.


Through Anvar Designs we are providing design services along with the collaboration of best designers and artists who can work and provide every possible solutions in the design and art fields.


Our team is highly professional and amazingly creative, working in the industry with a long  experience and with great skills.



Industrial & Product design | Packaging design | Automotive design | Architectural & Interior design | Graphic & Communication design | Concept arts & 3Ds



Every thing around us is designed and exist as a result of thoughts and needs, Though we call it creativity but Designs are the things that thinking produces whatever around us, are the result of our thoughts showing effects and purposes of there existence. I believe these existence of products around us (no matter natural or man made) have a impact on our lives from visuals to usability. It effects on minds and thought processes to once behavior. For example - A natural view gives us hope and happiness or A better designed product avoid frustration and soothes to the eyes. Word “Creative or Creativity” makes us different and better when we apply thought process and understand the needs, otherwise creating a huge complication is “not” a “creativity” but making a small difference that helps humanity to grow is. As we designers and artists been blessed with the huge examples and knowledge available, I want to create something meaningful, useful, and give my part to make world better because in this profession Almighty blessed us with a gift that’s a tool in itself and we need to decide the shapes and visuals around us.


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